The Tyler Capital Culture Code

We are a close community of diverse but like-minded people who enjoy creating amazing value together. We thrive on doing things differently, challenging our industry with novel approaches and first-class intelligence.


WE ARE TYLER CAPITAL. We are one unified community aiming for greatness. We hate bureaucracy. We’ve been this way since 2003.

We are proud to declare that we are a market leader in our space.

Our job is to remain so in the future.

We are not for everyone. A lot of companies talk about “fit”. We live it. We never hire someone if they do not fit our community, even if they have the skill and experience we need. We are protective of each other and the environment we create. Those that are right for us will be welcomed to an amazing team with open arms, a dynamic work environment where you’ll only ever be asked to be yourself.


Your ideas count, insights are shared and failing is OK. What matters to us is the work you do rather than the hours you work. We are students of the future, pioneering extreme value and challenging conventional wisdom.

You will use your talents each day on something meaningful, we promise. We aren’t just looking to develop your career; rather we look to develop you and your potential. You will be challenged, you will learn and you will grow.

Our vision is to be home to limitless opportunity, creating new ways to trade any market, anywhere. If you dare to dream and are ready to join a conspiracy for greatness, then we want to talk to YOU! 

We have a singular focus in Machine Learning trading and efficient model manufacturing.

We are a unique social system where our collective intelligence and culture is manifest in our Machine Learning models.

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Current Vacancies

Current open vacancies can be applied for below. We always want to hear from ambitious, talented people.

In general, you will need as a minimum a computer, mathematical or financial-based postgraduate qualification or have some very relevant work experience. We are only interested in recruiting the very best.