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Where brilliance and integrity lead to innovation

Tyler Capital has invested heavily in the development of innovative trading technologies.

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OMEGA trading platform

OMEGA is Tyler Capital's a fully integrated trading platform. It has been built to efficiently produce and operate systematic trading stategies at scale. OMEGA enables the continuous production of trading capacity on a near-zero marginal cost basis.


As an independent proprietary firm, we've benefited from the flexibility to invest in new approaches and markets at our discretion. We consider our efficient, innovative and adaptable approach key to developing next-generation technology, advanced research and machine learning models.


We've developed and implemented a unique high-reliability governance and control framework to provide optimal performance alongside explainable AI.


The OMEGA model and its enabling infrastructure and trading systems connect directly with major exchanges. Tyler Capital is a member of Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange and the Eurex Exchange.  

Omega enables our High Reliability Organizational approach.

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