The Vision of Pioneers

  Since 2003 we have been trading in the global financial markets.

The dream of industrialised machine learning in the world of financial trading has been a long time coming. Scroll to learn about the giant shoulders upon which Tyler Capital stands.

Our Vision is to be home to limitless opportunity, creating new ways to trade any market, anywhere.

Our Mission is to industrialise the systematic application of Machine Learning to global financial markets.

We are Tyler Capital

Our vision is to be home to limitless opportunity, creating new ways to trade any market, anywhere.

What we “do” is trade the markets. What’s really cool is how we do this. We are at the forefront of adaptive learning and cutting-edge technology. We are building deeply automated systems, using some of the most sophisticated machine learning techniques in the world and we are proud to declare that we are a market leader in our space.

Some people in our industry think we are crazy for this approach; we think they are redundant. We want to surround ourselves with people who share our values, and our love for machine learning. We are as friendly as we are fierce in our determination to compete in the markets in this particular way. We are proud of our ability to produce consistently high returns and our commitment to sharing the treasure we generate with everyone at Tyler.

Tyler Capital is an independent organisation, wholly owned by its managers and employees. Its driving aim is to produce a consistently high level of profitability in order to deliver a significant wealth creation opportunity for all its shareholders, employees and partners.

Through the continuous systematic manufacturing of Machine Learning models, practical trading experience, and superior market access, quality trading returns can be sustained. A rigorous and fully integrated risk management framework is central to our business model, company strategy and right to participate. These together help to generate a high-quality return on capital.

We believe that the best way to achieve consistent profitability is through the continuous production of Machine Learning capacity through a unique near-zero marginal cost manufacturing approach.

Our Logo

The retro-future logo also referred to as "The Flow" works as a network effect, circuity and social system.


It is the embodiment of everything Tyler Capital is. It consists of five lines that symbolise the community’s guiding principles, namely: 

OMEGA, OPUS, Innovation, Adaptation and Efficiency. 


The fundamentals of the logo, at the same time, give credit to the letters T, C and L. The logo is the mother of all visual assets used in the TCL brand system, due to its ability to form infinite combinations, just like how things work in the world of numbers.


The Omega Language

Building from our logo, the "Flows" form a dynamic part of the identity that is used for communicating TCL’s brand values, singular focus in Machine Learning trading model manufacturing and unique social system. 

The Flows form a unique coded language that is used for self and company-wide expression, for the ones that need to know, they always come with meaning.